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Hi, Welcome to AmaNdo_ s profile. Having User Id no. 53273 I enjoy the status of Reactor here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 9 years, 7 months, 11 days, 1 hour, 48 seconds. I am 22 years old Male by Gender, and I stay at .. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Capricorn. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Tiger. I have made about 11 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is . Currently I have been Idle for 5 years, 8 months, 21 days, 22 hours, 57 minutes, 34 seconds



(vamshi) (love2) (charu)


(vamshi) (love2) (charu)

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(vamshi) (love2) (charu)

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(vamshi) (love2) (charu)


(vamshi) (love2) (charu)


(vamshi) (love2) (charu)

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(vamshi) (love2) (charu)

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Fi0na__: My one and only Vami..
I wanna say thank you for this lovely, beautiful gift... (charu) .. as everybody knows dat lord krishna flute name is VAMSHI... so dis smiley is represnting....You Me and Kanhaji ... very nice nd meaningful gift.. thanku sweetums...
but something is missing here... mmmm (gthinking) wat is missing..?? ohh yeah (idea) there is a (-prince-) his name is (vamshi) who (love2) a girl name.. (charu)....
Now its luk complete.. isnt it..?
(love2) You Always.. (charu)


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