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Hi, Welcome to Ghoststar s profile. Having User Id no. 337188 I enjoy the status of Head Administrator! here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 2 years, 4 months, 18 days, 25 minutes, 1 second. I am 22 years old Male by Gender, and I stay at . By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Capricorn. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Tiger. I have made about 1 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is Currently I have been Idle for 4 hours, 43 minutes, 44 seconds




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Challenges Are What Make You Stronger In Life & I Know You Are Stronger, Braver, & More Audacious Than You Think. Kathina SamaYa Kete Jane. Sighra, E Sabakichu Thik Haye Jibe. Ara O Kichu Dhairya Dharuna Ebam Kastagulira Sathe Lara E Karate Sahasi Hona. Ami Sabasamaya Tomar Sathe Achi Ebam Thakabe. (thug0)


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