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Hi, Welcome to TechnO-tAndaV s profile. Having User Id no. 240378 I enjoy the status of Member here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 5 years, 10 months, 25 days, 7 hours, 4 minutes, 27 seconds. I am 22 years old Male by Gender, and I stay at Land of pandya and cholas. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Capricorn. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Tiger. I have made about 0 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is People WID high egO N attitude deserve d standing oviiation of middle fingEr Currently I have been Idle for 7 months, 18 hours, 17 minutes, 48 seconds



to keEp my buddylist sHort n simple, advanture movies, History, godalogy,gaming in d rain n sweet pinch on d bum


Fungus hearted,Copy cat proverbs, cactus like nails

Bad Habits:

gOod enough tO hAve a bad hAbbits

Good Habits:

Bad enOugh tO hAve a good hAbbits


Any sports whatever it may be Gilli dAnda ya cricket football just love to sweat, I bleed (barcelona)


Evenascence,akon, coldplay, kk, AR rehman, illairaja,Enrique, Mltr, bsb, westlife, list goes on

More Info:

YoU wOnT undErstAnd wat kinD of mAn I timE goEs by you will feel likE you\\\\ve beeN hit wid a cOcaiNe

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