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Hi, Welcome to Trish_ s profile. Having User Id no. 128496 I enjoy the status of Superman here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 7 years, 7 months, 15 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes, 34 seconds. I am 23 years old Female by Gender, and I stay at Hell. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Scorpio. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Ox. I have made about 3 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is (winkygirl) Currently I have been Idle for 9 months, 12 days, 22 hours, 29 minutes, 17 seconds



(star) Reading..
(star) Music...
(star) Watching movies...
(star) Going out with friends...


No dislikes ..

Bad Habits:

biting nails when I am nervous.....
often getting pissed on people I like...

Good Habits:

No good habits.


Badminton, Chess etc.....


Any song by ed sheeran, Selena Gomez....

More Info:

She walks in fury....

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Trish_ Guestbook Entries(19)
JiTHiN: Trish Stratus,(haha)
Well when i first met her here,she was really a kid, 15 or 16 yr old kid(teeth),i bcome her bro,her uncle,and then .... not daddy(haha)
Well she was always in my good book,its been more than 5 yrs and she didnt even changed a bit ( except she says she is 20 or 21 now):p. She is one among the few users here who never got a shouting from me,i never got a chance to show my angry face to her,except the cases where she loots my plusses in cricket room:p,while she was kid itself she surprised me many times with her maturity and the way she approaches the things in wap.
Hope she will be like this always and will fill happiness to everyone surrounding her (haha)
Take care(kick)


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