Hi, Welcome to UNEXPECTED s profile. Having User Id no. 181733 I enjoy the status of OverGod here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 7 years, 21 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, 51 seconds. I am 26 years old Female by Gender, and I stay at ♢☆ G̷o̷a̷☆♢яσckc. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Capricorn. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Dog. I have made about 63 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is Currently I have been Idle for 2 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes, 13 seconds



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Helohelo: Hey SuperGal!!!
(hvd) Am here to wish you lots of wineful love that would pour around...
Lots of sunshine on your way as you go giggle abound...
Lots of crazy things that would make you happyful ounce!
Love ya gal!
Tamanna always praying for ya all year round!(coolgal01)


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