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Hi, Welcome to VZEE s profile. Having User Id no. 162867 I enjoy the status of Head Administrator! here. I have been a member of this rocking chat portal for 6 years, 7 months, 24 days, 20 hours, 39 minutes, 58 seconds. I am 27 years old Female by Gender, and I stay at anywhere i like. By Zodiac, I fall under the star constellation of Taurus. My Shenxiao Chinese Zodiac Star Sign is Rooster. I have made about 83 friends here. My short signature info for everybody is mind blowing, and cool, but wont put up with any crab Currently I have been Idle for 37 minutes, 8 seconds



I love planning any kind of parties &events(dancingdoll) (mj)(dancing)n traveling (cook) baking (cake) making fruits (wine)& making my special (icecream) & cookies by my self,love kids & the old,& i hv passion for pregnant women


i dont like it when people talk at random (nono)& people who make me (sady) or (angry),i just dislike does who dont mind their business(poke)

Bad Habits:

very (ppgstubborn) & I can design your face with (slap1)also i can really keep my distance from people if i so wish

Good Habits:

(coolgirl) i love to stand by my true friends,easy to forgive laugh like (crazy)(lolz) (ras) (hehehe) (hehe) very playful,and honest,i dont care who you are or where u are from,as long as (iloveu) (love),to hell with anyone else(b


wrestling(stickfight) (basketball)


soft music, pop, reggae(music)

More Info:

Am a very simple person by nature, I dont like too much crowds am easy going I love doing my things in my own way, because I have a different mind set,please dont judge me if you cant understand me, I love who ever love me sincerely (hug2) hmmm &I love to (pray) a lot because I believe in God Almighty & I believe in my self (toohappy)

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VZEE Guestbook Entries(17)
friendlyboy Hello sweetheart! I know you are angry with me and I slso know why you are angry with me. I am so sorry dear for choosing a wrong time time to tease you perhaps but trust me nothing more than that. I wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday (birthday) (flowerluv). I know that you are so kind hearted and won\'t mind it more and forgive me for sure. I again wish you for your birthday n waiting for the awesome cake you are busy in preparing and I am sure that it\'s yummiest cake I am gonna have it today evening. I pray god to remain same in nature as you are now humble, honest, sweetest and prettiest. God bless you my lovely princess (iloveu4) (sweetkiss).


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